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What We Do

DDRC is a Non-Profit Organization (501(c)(3))

The Developmental Disabilities Resource Center is, and has been for nearly half a century, committed to serving individuals who have developmental disabilities and their families. We believe that every individual in our society should be guaranteed the same rights and privledges and attain the highest level of independence that they are able. We are dedicated to providing the information and educational resources that can promote and protect those rights and to helping to meet significant unmet needs.

DDRC Connects People to Services

DDRC is the Community Centered Board for Jefferson, Clear Creek, Summit and Gilpin counties. As a CCB, DDRC helps individuals determine what services they may be eligible for, provides Resource Coordination (Case Management), and helps individuals locate and utilize services.

DDRC Provides Direct Services

In addition to providing a variety of programs, DDRC provides services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Developmental disabilities programs and services include Supported Living, Early Intervention, Adult Vocational Services, Behavioral Health Services, Quality Living Options, and Recreational Services. Your Resource Coordinator or Case Manager can help to assess which service provider is best for you.

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