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A Brief History of DDRC

In 1964 parents started a nonprofit organization known as the Jefferson County Community Center for Developmental Disabilities under the provisions of the 1963 Colorado Community Center Law. DDRC is one of twenty Community Centered Boards serving people with developmental disabilities in Colorado. Legislation allowed counties to establish community centers to provide services for people with developmental disabilities. Initially, these community programs were set up to be an alternative to institutionalization. Since that time services have expanded in the areas of education, vocational, residential, recreation, resource coordination, early intervention, transportation, family support, community connections, supported living and transitions services. In 1994 our name was changed to the Developmental Disabilities Resource Center so that people could better understand the focus of our services. DDRC has achieved numerous recognitions including the Presidential Point of Light Award.

Our annual report (below) will provide you with a comprehensive review of our organization's last year. In it you will find details on everything from special events, such as our 19th Annual Golf Tournament, to financial data and inspiring stories.

 DDRC's Strategic Plan

PDF Document DDRC's 2016 Annual Report

PDF Document DDRC's 2015 Annual Report

PDF Document DDRC's 2014 Annual Report

PDF Document DDRC's 2013 Annual Report

PDF Document DDRC's 2012 Annual Report

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