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DDRC's Financial Data

DDRC has always believed that as a non-profit and a responsible member of the community, we should be accountable for the funding we receive. Below are financial statements and reports for your review, Click to see more information.

Annual Reports

PDF Document  2015 Annual Report

PDF Document  2014 Annual Report

PDF Document  2013 Annual Report

PDF Document  2012 Annual Report

PDF Document  2011 Annual Report

PDF Document  2010 Annual Report

Budget Reports

    Our Current Budget Report

To view, download, or print our current budget and financial documents, please use the links below.

PDF Document  FYE 06/30/2017

    Previous Budget Reports

To view, download, or print our previous financial reports and other financial documents, please utilize the links below.

PDF Document  FYE 06/30/2016

PDF Document  FYE 06/30/2015

PDF Document  FYE 06/30/2014

PDF Document  FYE 06/30/2013

PDF Document  FYE 06/30/2012

PDF Document  FYE 06/30/2011

PDF Document  FYE 06/30/2010


PDF Document DDRC Financials 2016
PDF Document  DDRC Financials 2015
PDF Document  DDRC Financials 2014
PDF Document  DDRC Financials 2013
PDF Document  DDRC Financials 2012
PDF Document  DDRC Financials 2011
PDF Document  DDRC Financials 2010
PDF Document  DDRC Financials 2009
PDF Document  DDRC Financials 2008

Mill Levy Reports

PDF Document Jefferson County "Campaign to Help" Mill Levy Report 2015

PDF Document Jefferson County "Campaign to Help" Mill Levy Report 2014


PDF Document Children with Autism Contract 2016-2017

PDF Document Early Intervention Contract 2016-2017

PDF Document Health Care Policy and Financing 2-Way Contract 2016-2017


PDF Document DDRC 990

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