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A Big Thank You

To Our Community

A big thank you to all who contributed to the people we serve at DDRC during Giving First Day! We would also like to thank 1STBank and Community First Foundation for all their continued support helping to make this the best Giving Day ever. In an incredible demonstration of support for Colorado nonprofits, donors contributed approximately $15 million on Community First Foundation's Colorado Gives Day 2012 - an increase of 20 percent compared to Colorado Gives Day 2011, which raised $12.4 million. As soon as we have the final numbers for DDRC we will be happy to share them with you.

A Letter from DDRC and DDF

November, 2012

Dear Friends and Families,

Today many served by DDRC (Developmental Disabilities Resource Center) are struggling. We hope that during this season of thanksgiving and holiday celebrations, you will show your support for people with developmental disabilities.

Many economic challenges continue. In the last few years, Family Support has been cut by two-thirds, services for many people in Supported Living Services have been reduced, DDRC's funding has been cut 4.5 percent, and hundreds of people are still waiting for services.

DDRC has many departments that will benefit from your support and we don't want to forget people who are facing emergencies or are just waiting for services. When these challenges arise, people may turn to the emergency funds that DDRC coordinates with its foundation, the Developmental Disabilities Foundation.

This year you can increase the value of your donation when you support DDRC on Colorado Gives Day, Tuesday, December 4. We are featured on where we share goals, accomplishments and much more to help you be an informed donor. What's more, when you donate online anytime on December 4, the value of your donation will be increased by an incentive fund created by FirstBank and other local organizations. No computer? Come to DDRC on December 4 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and we will assist you. Visit our profile on

As always, 100 percent of your donation goes directly to help the people we serve. We do not take out any funds for administrative costs.

In the last year, your donations helped people with developmental disabilities and their families in dozens of ways including:

  • Repairing a family's car so they could continue to take their child to medical appointments
  • Paying for utility bills after a parent lost their job and couldn't keep up
  • Helping a person with developmental disabilities repair their wheelchair so they could continue to access the community.
  • Contributing towards a low-income family's unexpected medical bills
  • Helping a family maintain a stable home for a person with disabilities by helping them catch up on their rent and not lose their home.

DDRC is a nonprofit you can trust. More than half of your Board of Directors are family members or people in services. They welcome your thoughts and concerns. DDRC's audit is posted on our website and we welcome inquiries. DDRC has earned Gold Star status with the Better Business Bureau, an ethics award from the West Chamber of Commerce, and you can learn more about us on GuideStar.

You can help people with developmental disabilities in any part of our services or help them get back on their feet when they face an unexpected financial emergency or get people who are waiting for services connected with their communities.

Every dollar raised will help people with developmental disabilities address challenges and increase stability in their lives.

This year DDRC can help you with some other wonderful incentives:

  • If you give $250 or more for our 25th Hour Fund or day services, you can get Enterprise Zone credits and a 25% credit on your Colorado income tax. You can also get this credit by giving for these programs through GivingFirst or your workplace.
  • Turn your old vehicle into cash for DDRC. Please follow the suggestions below.

If you have helped DDRC already this year, THANK YOU. If you would still like to help, we welcome your donations in any amount. You can:

  • Go to to learn more about our services and donate. You can go anytime to schedule a donation for December 4 or at any other time.
  • Use a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit card. Go to
  • Designate a contribution through your place of work.

Your generous, tax-exempt donation can make a positive difference. And if you would like to get personally involved, we welcome you as a volunteer. Please call 303-462-6589.

You can Plan for the Future of a loved one with free classes on Special Needs Trusts, Homeownership, and Guardianship and Alternatives. Many families don't realize that most of DDRC's programs are based on Medicaid waivers so maintaining services is extremely important. Join us for a class this winter or spring. For information and to sign up, please call 303-462-6590.

When you partner with DDRC you can be assured that your donation will benefit people right in our community. Your contribution will go to the part of the organization you designate or to provide emergency support and help for those who are waiting for services.

Thank you for including DDRC in your giving this holiday season. We deeply appreciate your continuing support of people in our communities who need your assistance. If you have questions or need more information, don't hesitate to call 303-462-6584.

Our best wishes to all of you for a great holiday season.

C. David Pemberton President, DDRC Board of Directors

Joshua Stransky President, DD Foundation Board of Directors

PEAK Outreach Project

DDRC is part of the PEAK Outreach Project funded through Health Care Policy and Financing. The goal is to increase community awareness of the new Colorado PEAK website. Colorado PEAK is the state's website where you can learn about food, medical coverage, and cash assistance. PEAK is accessible from any computer with internet access.

How you and others can use PEAK:

  • Screen yourself for potential eligibility
  • Apply for food assistance, medical coverage, and cash assistance
  • Learn what documents you may need to submit to finalize your application
  • Report your changes (easily keep your information current)
  • Check your benefits (track when your renewal is due, access a copy of your online application)

DDRC received a grant from the PEAK Outreach Project to purchase a computer for use by anyone interested in accessing the Colorado PEAK website. The DDRC PEAK computer is located on the 4th floor of the DDRC building. Individuals and families may use the PEAK computer anytime during regular business hours.

The Family Caregiver Model and
Comprehensives Services in the Family Home

Individuals and their families now have more choice about where their services are delivered and more control over who can deliver those services. The intent of the Family Caregiver Model is to provide greater service flexibility and expand provider choice and living options.

Comprehensives Services in the Family Home is another choice option for participants enrolled in Comprehensive (HCBS-DD) Services. It allows for residential services to be provided in the family home by a traditional (non-family member) service provider. This may be desirable for individuals not yet ready to leave home or who may have difficulty finding another suitable setting.


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