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DDRC News & Events

It's Full Speed Ahead

DDRC celebrated our 50th anniversary of community services and supports this past year including a Spring Jubilee fund raiser, Provider Fair in June, Golf Tournament in August, Family Fun Day in September and our Annual Meeting in October. In addition, DDRC’s unified Special Olympics softball team brought home the gold at the National Competition in New Jersey! I hope you were able to join us at one or more of these wonderful events. Opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have increased significantly in the last few years. Keeping abreast of possibilities and shaping future services is challenging and exciting. DDRC is implementing Person Centered Thinking approaches, which focus on supporting people to have great lives in addition to providing health, safety and care. DDRC is committed to helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities enjoy the same things that we all hope for: relationships with friends and family, a safe and comfortable place to live, rewarding work, activities to look forward to, financial stability, an occasional vacation or opportunity to do something new, opportunities for personal and spiritual growth and more.

This has been a very active year of enrollment into services through DDRC! Much of the enrollment has been individuals into Children’s Extensive Services (CES), and Supported Living Services (SLS) with new resources appropriated from the Colorado legislature and transitioning another wave of people from Regional Centers and nursing homes into community settings. DDRC continues to advocate for more funding to serve adults in residential settings as the waiting time for these services continues to be over 15 years. The Colorado legislature is working on a five year plan to address the waiting list for services. Many people are now receiving services through the family care giver option.

In 2015 and the next few years we will be influencing and implementing Colorado’s plan to “redesign” services. The goal is to provide the right services, at the right time, in the right place for all individuals seeking long term services and supports. The new Federal Community Settings Rule promotes services to be even more fully provided in community life. DDRC has long held the values of quality, dignity and choice. DDRC is committed to responding to the voices of our constituents. We recognize that there are many paths to creating good lives.

I want to take this opportunity to express appreciation for the support we receive from our DDRC community, including individuals and families, staff, providers, donors, funders, and partnering agencies. Thanks for helping DDRC contribute to better lives and a better community.

A Big Thank You

To Our Community

A big thank you to all who contributed to the people we serve at DDRC during Giving First Day! We would also like to thank 1STBank and Community First Foundation for all their continued support helping to make this the best Giving Day ever. In an incredible demonstration of support for Colorado nonprofits, donors contributed approximately $15 million on Community First Foundation's Colorado Gives Day 2012 - an increase of 20 percent compared to Colorado Gives Day 2011, which raised $12.4 million. As soon as we have the final numbers for DDRC we will be happy to share them with you.

PEAK Outreach Project

DDRC is part of the PEAK Outreach Project funded through Health Care Policy and Financing. The goal is to increase community awareness of the new Colorado PEAK website. Colorado PEAK is the state's website where you can learn about food, medical coverage, and cash assistance. PEAK is accessible from any computer with internet access.

How you and others can use PEAK:

  • Screen yourself for potential eligibility
  • Apply for food assistance, medical coverage, and cash assistance
  • Learn what documents you may need to submit to finalize your application
  • Report your changes (easily keep your information current)
  • Check your benefits (track when your renewal is due, access a copy of your online application)

DDRC received a grant from the PEAK Outreach Project to purchase a computer for use by anyone interested in accessing the Colorado PEAK website. The DDRC PEAK computer is located on the 4th floor of the DDRC building. Individuals and families may use the PEAK computer anytime during regular business hours.

The Family Caregiver Model and
Comprehensives Services in the Family Home

Individuals and their families now have more choice about where their services are delivered and more control over who can deliver those services. The intent of the Family Caregiver Model is to provide greater service flexibility and expand provider choice and living options.

Comprehensives Services in the Family Home is another choice option for participants enrolled in Comprehensive (HCBS-DD) Services. It allows for residential services to be provided in the family home by a traditional (non-family member) service provider. This may be desirable for individuals not yet ready to leave home or who may have difficulty finding another suitable setting.


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